Cleaning out 

Over a year ago, we moved my mother who has MS and early onset dementia into an Assisted Living Facility. She took with her the bare necessities, clothing, books and photos. The rest of her stuff sat and waited, collecting dust and cockroaches.

Until yesterday.

This week, I’m down in Florida emptying out my mom’s old home. We had to rent a dumpster ’cause of all the neglected stuff. Valueable items were taken out for storage. The rest, dozens of dishes, pans, comforters, must be pitched or donated.

Today I got rid of a lot of stuff, some posted on freestuff sites, and I cried. A LOT.

I am happy to say the lucky lady who arrived first runs a charity so the items will be going to a good cause.  Feels a little better having most items go to a good cause rather than a dumpster.  
As the house empties, the stuff going piece by piece, emotions run high. I ain’t gonna lie. It’s hard seeing the emptiness. The house already looks very different without all the stuff. Mom’s old place isn’t mom’s old place any more. The permanence of her being at an Assisted Living is settling in, even though it’s been over a year now. 

When all is said and done, mom still has a home, just a little different one, with better care, maids and chefs 24/7. She’s at a better place for her and us. And that’s all that really matters.


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  1. Kathy Moyer says:

    Cleaning out a loved ones home is really hard. We all have a story. I know when I cleaned out mom’s home after she passed away, every item I pick up whether it be a nik-nak, an article of clothing or something else personal of hers that you know she loved I wanted to keep everything because of the memories. I took alot home with me but over the years I have been able to let go of most of it – it’s been 25 years. Grieving is a process, it’s a loss a change that one hadn’t counted on . It takes time to work through the many layers and the silver lining is to know that letting go does not mean letting go of the memories attached to these items. Know that my thoughts are with you.


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